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The Night Baafore the First Day of School 

It's the night before the first day of school and Bo can't sleep, so he plans to count sheep, but when the sheep get a hold of Bo's backpack and his cool school supplies chaos ensues. With a houseful of sheep and mess to clean, will Bo get to sleep before it's time to leave for school?


Once Upon a Christmas_9x9.5_Cover.jpg

Once Upon a Christmas

Turn "Ho ho ho" into "Ha ha ha" with this zany Christmas picture book featuring Santa, Bigfoot, Little Red Riding Hood, unicorns, dragons, and more!.


In Once Upon a Christmas, the Three Bears' Christmas party gets off to a rocky start: Bigfoot can't stop photobombing, the dragon burns the fruitcake, and Jack Frost inadvertently triggers the storm of the century–knocking Santa's sleigh off course and straight into a lake! A soaked St. Nick finds eager helpers in the partygoers, a varied cast of mythical creatures and familiar fictional favorites. The unlikely team rescues the sleigh, just in time to continue the festivities and get Santa on his merry way. Humorous twists and action-packed illustrations will make this story an instant family classic for the Christmas season.


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